Saturday, March 24, 2012

1Q84 - Part Two

I've made it through part two!!!  Sometimes when I read a book I do not want the story to end.  Other times I cannot wait to finish the chapter. Unfortunately this one is of the latter category.

I like the story, I like the characters, but this is difficult to say without sounding like a middle school kid; it's just too damn long.  The chapters are still alternating between Aomame and Tengo's point of view, but each chapter seems to have less action and more internal dialogue.  I understand why this is important; they're figuring out what it means to be in 1Q84 and learning that what they've expected to be all fiction is actually reality.  Both characters are growing (yay character development) immensely, I would just appreciate it if it happened in less pages.

Part two differed that part one in that it became more of a murder mystery type genre.  "Once a gun is brought in to the story, it must be fired."  So we spend the entirety of part two wondering when and if the gun will be fired, and who will be the victim of said gun.

However, many questions about the little people and the sagikake organization are answered which adds to the creative/sci-fi side of the story.  I still very much appreciate Murakami's imagination and have lost no respect for the author.  His imagination and the time and energy he puts in to creating his characters is impeccable.  In this case, though, I wish he had managed to create this world in fewer words.  I know, a difficult task to complete, I'm sure.

And I'm off to part three!!


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