Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Size 12 Is Not Fat

Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot is about a woman named Heather Wells.  Wells used to be a teenage pop star but after leaving her record label, splitting up with her boyfriend and her mom running off with her money, she starts working as an assistant dorm director at a New York college.  Things seem to be finally settling into a rhythm for Heather until students start dying and she thinks there is more to the deaths than it seems.

This novel is a really easy fun read, chick lit to the core.  The plot is entertaining and Heather is a likable main character.  There were a few things in the writing I could have done with out (such as the correction made way too many times of residence hall instead of dorm!) and Heather's inner dialogue is a bit repetitive at times.  Otherwise though, it’s a fun read.  The plot keeps you interested and the characters keep you invested.  Would recommend for any ladies looking for a light and quick read.  There are four more books in the "Heather Wells Mystery" series and I plan to read at least one more.

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