Sunday, January 5, 2014

Grimm: The Icy Touch

Grimm: The Icy Touch by John Shirley is a media-tie in novel based on the tv show Grimm.  It follows Grimm Nick Burkhardt as he tackles a new case involving The Icy Touch gang, whose members happen to all be aggressive wesen.  Nick is unaware that this particular gang is led by a wesen who has a history with Grimm's that goes back to the times when Grimm's fought to the death.

I've been a fan of Grimm since the show started back in 2011.  While perusing the book store, I stumbled upon this book and put it on my Christmas wish list.  It is definitely written for fans of the show, since the author doesn't give a ton of back story about the main characters. However, anyone can pick this book up and read it and enjoy it like they are watching a single episode of the show.

I had a few issues while reading when some things the characters did or said didn't really seem "in character" but it wasn't so off putting that it took away from the overall story or the feel of the book.  Since it reads like you are watching an episode of the show, fans can picture how the characters sound and such while reading which is fun.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Grimm!

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