Monday, February 11, 2013

Ender's Game

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card is about a young, gifted boy in the future who is thought to be the one to save mankind.  In the past, the human race defeated an enemy known as the Buggers, however their threat has returned and Ender is seemingly the only one who can save them.

This book was on my to read list from last year and I didn't get to it.  It's a science fiction/fantasy novel and though it was written in the 90's is still currently very highly rated.  I'm sure if you enjoy science fiction you might really like this book, I however was not a big fan. 

This book is short (226 pgs) and very easy to read, however I had a hard time finishing it!  I found it to be slow moving and very descriptive but not in an easy to visualize way.  The story is about "gifted" children, who in this case are supposed to be super smart.  I get that, but the way they talk to each other and such is hard to relate to when Ender starts out at as a six year old who talks and thinks like someone much older.

Overall, if you are into science fiction you might want to give this book a go, otherwise I'd skip it.  Not a must read in my opinion.


  1. I've seen the book but didn't know what it was about. Sounds interesting, a bit like the TV show Fringe. I'm not into sci-fi/fantasty books but Tyler loves the stuff. I'll pass the name on to him. Who knows, because it's a well-rated book, he may have already read it.
    Thanks for the review- I know it's hard to finish a book that's not settling well.

  2. I just asked him about the book- he loves the series. He said there's 8-9 books following Ender...and they're making a movie with Harrison Ford!
    Oh, and the book is on our shelves.
    I probably won't read it, not my thing.

    1. I figured it was probably more of a hit with sci-fi/fantasy fans. I don't plan to read any more of the books in the series but I would like to see the film. Part of the trouble I had getting into the book was that it is very descriptive of the battles between the children but it was hard for me to visualize them. I'd like to see how it looks in the film. Also I love Harrison Ford! lol