Thursday, April 5, 2012

1Q84 - Part Three

I'm finished!!!  And so happy about it.

Part three is more repetitive than parts one and two.  The same story is being told from three different view points as before, however now that their lives are so entwined the same events are happening.  In one chapter character A makes a phone call.  In the next chapter character B receives a phone call.  It's interesting to see how each character reacts differently to the events and how they gain more knowledge around Sagikaki, however I wonder what the story would have been had Murakami chosen to write it from one perspective.  If Aomamae was the main character and Tengo was merely a side story, something small and mentioned in a paragraph here or there, would I have enjoyed the book just as much?  I would have appreciated cutting the length down, that's for sure, but would the story still hold?  Would lacking the character developments of Tengo and members of Sagikaki have hurt the impact of the book?  Maybe...

Though the book in itself was far too long, I feel like the ending lacked originality, was extremely predictable and happened very quickly.  The entire novel was leading up to an ending that took less than forty pages to play out.  I wanted it to end; maybe Murakami was tired of writing it too...


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